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Sounds (presets/patches) and midi-file arrangements created by Tecker Beats are mainly inspired by hits of the 80s. These "Hits of the 80s" presets/patches are at the moment available for: 

Software synths:

Arturia V Collection 8, 9 and X (NEW!)

(major update done June 2024 - read more!)


Hardware synths:

Novation Summit

Studiologic Sledge

Roland JX-10 (Super JX
Behringer DeepMind 6, 12 and 12D

Midi Sysex Tools for hardware synths

PRESETS FOR Arturia V Collection 8, 9 and X

Tecker Beats have Hits of the 80s presets for Arturia V Collection instruments 8, 9 and X. For hardware synths scroll down on this page.


Compatible for Arturia V Collection 8, 9 and X instruments with included midi file arrangements...

Find out how some of the hits of the 80s where created and arranged with included midi-file arrangements and very meticulously crafted presets using Arturia's vintage virtual instruments.



The presets are associated to various Arturia V Collection software plugin instruments like synthesizers, organs, vocoder and samplers. You will also get dedicated drum kits for each recreated song. These drum kits per song will be available through the Emulator II V sampler. Read more details about this in my Blogg! or download this instruction Pdf-file with detailed instructions. If you own V Collection 8 or 9 and upgrade to X there are already presets included for the upgraded instruments. You don´t need to worry about what will happen if you choose to upgrade.

The midi-file arrangements are in a common format and can be opened in most every DAW (Digital Audio Workstation, f.e. Logic, Ableton, Cubase etc.).

Sounds from hits of the 80s

This collection of preset packs even have lots of cool legendary drum machine sounds of the 80´s covered. Yes, there are lots of Roland,  Linn, DMX and Simmon drum machine sounds etc. Even some 80s scratch and sound effects. Drums, sound effects and some vocal chops are ready to be played via the Emulator II V or sometimes CMI V (Fairlight) instruments. All presets and samples are meticulously programmed to be as close to the original sound as possible and all presets and their relation to songs are documented in preset lists. I have done some research or had already some knowledge about what synths/samplers/keyboards that were used to produce each song. But have many times also realized that certain synths are not included in Arturia V Collection and sounds from synths like Waldorf PPG Wave 3, JX-8P, Roland D-50, Korg Poly-series etc. has to be made as close as possible by using another instrument or sometimes two to recreate a specific sound. Read more further below.

Arturia V Collection 8, 9 and X preset pack collections contains three parts (packages)

These packages also have associated demo midi-file arrangement per song. These recreated song arrangements are parts of or sometimes the whole song that lets you see and hear how the sounds (leads, chords, basses, drums etc.) are played and arranged.

Part 1 "Hits 1978-1989"

This is a bundle of three preset packs, and each can also be bought individually

- "Hits 1978-1983"

- "Hits 1984"

- "Hits 1985-1989"

Part 2 "Hits 1977-1985"

This is additional songs to part 1 and are between 1977-1985

Part 3 "Italo disco & Space Synth Hits 1"

As the name suggests, this is mainly Italo disco and Space synth songs from the 80s TV-themes


Take me to the preset webshop!

Arturia ALL BOXES Webbannons.png

Discover how some hits of the 80´s were created

Dive into and discover what synths, and sounds that were used to produce hits like "Tainted Love", "Take On Me", "Sweet Dreams", "Blue Monday", "Thriller", "Relax", West End Girls", "Running Up That Hill", "You spin Me Round", "I Want Your Sex", "La Dolce Vita" and many, many more. In addition to the presets, for some songs there are extra drum loops, sound fx and a short demo midi file included with chords and melodies to help you get a hint of how it was arranged.  The whole song is not always included in the midi file, but the main parts. The in some cases included vocal chops or drum loop samples are provided for personal use only. You can't commercially use the drum loops and vocal samples, as these are recreations of existing artists and songs, and are copyright protected via their respective owners. They are provided for demonstration purposes and personal use only!

Select right softsynth.png

There has been a great deal of searching online on various sites, forum and YouTube to find out which synths were used on the recordings. There has not always been a common answer and sometimes you have to go by ear and make your own conclusion of what synth was used and available at the time. Another fact is that some fat basses, pads and lead sounds are layers from two or more synths etc. An even more complex dimension are those different studio recording boards with eq´s, dynamic controll (limiter & compressor) and effects like delay, chorus, reverb added to the sounds. But Arturia come with many built in effects that you can add to every virtual instrument's sound to shape it further. Another challenge is of course that some synths like the PPG Wave is not covered by Arturia. In those cases another one or two Arturia softsynths or samplers (Emulator II V) have been used to get as close as possible to the special sound of f.e. PPG Wave 2.3, Roland JX-8P, Korg DW-8000, Roland D-50 and Kawai K3 etc.

Hits 77-85.png
Find preset samples.png


All preset packs are only available for Arturia V Collection 8, 9 and X instrument versions.

Do you have Arturia V Collection 7 or earlier? Then you need to upgrade to X. Please visit:

Log in to your account and look for special upgrade/crossgrade offers!

How to install the presets

Instructions for Arturia Analog Lab preset bank installations

Some reviews and qoutes from Arturia V Collection Facebook groups and YouTube

Below used with permission

"Probably the best sound bank(s) ever made, can we get them on Arturia offical shop?"

"Awesome! I have been super satisfied with all the 80s packages (presets) you have made, and easy to install, so I look forward to when another nice 80s package comes out"

     Rön Vän Dër Lans

"I thought to myself these sound are too good to be true. I was skeptical at first and bit the bullet, so I bought your "Hits of the 80s 84" last night. Jan, you are amazing. I'm certainly going to buy "78-83" and "85-89" as well"

     P Latos

"I purchased as soon as you released this and Jan, you have out done yourself! I've been exploring these presets last couple of days and have been simply blown away with how great the Arturia V collection can sound! Trevor Horn is one of my all time favorite super producers along with Michael Cretu and Quincy Jones. Your rendition of Relax is probably the best on the internet."


"Living on video was actually like- I could barely tell the difference"

"sounds so good, exactly what I was looking for, would purchase it any time again! Thank u so much!"

     Fabian ´Dee´ Dammers - group Dee Dammers

"I´m very interested in 80's presets and arranging, happily purchased it, nice idea!"

"Great sound designing. That Take on Me Lead sound is very good"

     80s Synth Fan

"It´s exceptional"

     Dave Rourke

See and listen to Dave´s recreations on YouTube using my preset packs: - West End Girls - Pet Shop Boys (Original vocals & Mock-up Synths) - Don't You Want Me - The Human League (Original vocals & Mock-up Synths)

"I don't know what you did or how you did it but it sounds so good"


Take me to the preset webshop!


For these synths you download a common sysex file including lots of presets/patches along with a pdf instruction on how to import the file into your hardware synth. You may need a special sysex file software. There are many free on the webb for both PC and Mac. There are no midi-file demos included for the hardware synth preset packs.

Novation Summit (not Peak)

Preset bank for Novation Summit incuding 128 patches with lots of recreated sounds from the 80s hits.

Purchase this preset bank for the Novation Summit hardware synth (sysex-format). Import them into your synth using Novation Components App. I´ve put together an instruction video below.


Answer from Novation support september 2022.

"We cannot make Summit patches supported by or compatible to the Peak instrument because Summit has an extended feature set and parameters which Peak does not accomodate. Summit does however have all of the features of Peak which makes Peak's patches supported on Summit."

A possible solution to load Summit preset bank into Peak

A solution that worked for a customer (Anthony) was him purchasing the Sigabort Peak and Summit editor. By loading my "Hits Of The 80s" preset bank into Sigabort he simply could resave them into a "Peak format" and use them. I have not tested this myself yet. I will probably buy this and test it soon. Then I will convert and offer my preset bank into separate versions for Novation Peak and Summit of course.

Link to Sigabort

Novation song.png
Novation presets.png


Patches are easily installed with Novation Components, and patch list and song references are also included, se pics above and video.

Take me to the preset webshop!

Behringer DeepMind 6, 12 and 12D

128 patches inspired from hits between 1974-1986 for DeepMind 6, 12 and 12D synthesizers. 

Download patch and song list for DeepMind here!

Sound demos on SoundCloud below or click here! (new tab)


Do NOT install using the Behringer DeepMind editor (unstable), use a SYSEX Tool!!


For Mac: Snoize Sysex Librarian

For PC: Midi OX 


For PC: Microsoft Midi Utility PC

Installation instructions, click here

The free patches are saved on position 1-20 on bank H, you'll find them in the preset shop.

The 128 Analog patches inspired from hits 74-86 are saved on bank G, you'll will find them as well in the preset shop.

Take me to the preset webshop!

SySex Librarian.png
Midi Sysex.png
DeepMind Hits 74-86 Box.png
Download 20 free patches! Click Here!

All demo videos by Tecker Beats

All demo videos by Tecker Beats

All demo videos by Tecker Beats
Search video...
Hits 1974 - 1986 recreated using Behringer DeepMind - Patches 1-64

Hits 1974 - 1986 recreated using Behringer DeepMind - Patches 1-64

Play Video
Hits 1974 - 1986 recreated using Behringer DeepMind - Part 4 (years 85-86)

Hits 1974 - 1986 recreated using Behringer DeepMind - Part 4 (years 85-86)

Play Video
Hits 1974 - 1986 recreated using Behringer DeepMind - Part 3 (year 84)

Hits 1974 - 1986 recreated using Behringer DeepMind - Part 3 (year 84)

Play Video

Studiologic Sledge

Synthorama and Retro Future preset packs​

Synthorama preset pack contains 101 presets and will give you lots of classic 80's sounds heard on hits from that time.
Retro Future presets pack contains 64 presets inspired of analog retro synths as well as modern songs of today.


Fill up your Sledge with these fat analog synth sounds that takes you right back to the music production of the 80´s, but even the future. Some presets are saved with unison mode, two or up to 8 voices stacked for an even fatter sound. What´s more, some sounds take advantage of Sledge´s different filter models such as the famous PPG wave analog filter.


A review sent by email

Used with permission

"I was disappointed with the preset sounds of my "new-used" Sledge 2.0.  With only a few choices out there for Sledge presets, I demo'd them all on youtube.  Synthorama and Retro Future sounded the best to me (and best price).  So relieved that my Sledge now has all the classic fat sounds I was looking for along with totally unique modern tones."

- Doug


Installation is easy. The presets are saved in a ordinary sysex file. Just use Studiologics "Sledge Sound Mapper". A free software found on their website both for PC and Mac. Install it and use it to load and save presets into your Sledge at your own selected memory locations.

Of course you can use other sysex software such as Midi-Ox for PC and Sysex Librarian for Mac.

Instruction PDF from Studiologics website on how to import presets.

Take me to the preset webshop!

Sledge Collection_2022.png

Roland JX-10 Super JX


Hits of the 80´s & 90´s

Preset pack for the Roland Super JX (JX-10) synth.

Purchase these presets for Roland JX-10 - Super JX hardware synth (sysex-format). Get inspired with the sounds from the 80´s and 90´s. You will also get datasheets showing settings of each tone (50), and a PDF sheet with the tone- and patch list description used in the video below. See comments on YouTube videos as well!


The patches are saved in a ordinary sysex file. Use free sysex software Midi-Ox for PC and Sysex Librarian for Mac.

Arturia V Collection
Novation Summit
Studiologic Sledge
Behringer DeepMind
Super JX
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